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About The Refuge

Established in November of 2019, Green River is the 568th National Wildlife Refuge in the Nation, and the second managed in Kentucky. The refuge is located in Henderson, Kentucky, near the confluence of the Ohio and Green rivers. Because of its location near the two rivers, the area is historically known for its vast wetland forest. And its significance to mi-grating waterfowl, songbirds, fish, and other wildlife.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service identified a 53,000-acre Conservation Partnership Area, from which they will attempt to assemble ap-proximately 24,000 acres. Land will be obtained through donation and acquisition from willing sellers. This is a long-term conservation effort that may take decades to complete. The number of willing sellers, community support, and availability of funding will determine the timeline for successfully completing this worth-while conservation project.

The National Wildlife Refuge System President Theodore Roosevelt created the National Wildlife Refuge System in 1903 when he set aside Pelican Island, on Florida’s coast, for birds. The System has grown to over 565 refuges and thousands of waterfowl production areas, spanning over 850 million acres across the U.S. and its territories.

Most National Wildlife Refuges were established to protect and enhance wetlands for the conservation of migratory birds and to provide habitat for endangered species. The Refuge System protects some of the country’s most iconic ecosystems and the wildlife that rely on them.

Refuges for Wildlife and People!

Wildlife comes first on National Wildlife Refuges. All human activities must be compatible with wildlife management goals and objectives. Six uses are encouraged when appropriate: hunting, fishing, wildlife observation, environ-mental education, interpretation, and wildlife photography.

Moving Forward

What is the Friends of Green River National Wildlife Refuge group and what do they plan to do?

Recently a small group of conservation minded people met to form a “Friends of Green Rive National Wildlife Refuge” group.  The most common questions about this group are:  What are they? Who are they? What do they plan to do?  And, how will they operate?

The group is currently in the processes of becoming fully organized and the appropriate documents have been filed with State of Kentucky and the Internal Revenue Service to operate as a 501C3, on-profit organization.

The group is an organization that wishes to help with the establishment and operation activities of the Green River National Wildlife Refuge in Henderson County, Kentucky.  This has been a project involving both state and federal agencies for over 20 years.  It came to fruition on November 22, 2019; with the formal signing and dedication ceremony of Green River National Wildlife Refuge.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, (USFWS) hopes to purchase up to 24,000 acres from willing sellers, in northeastern Henderson County, Kentucky, along the Ohio and Green Rivers.  This activity will likely take several decades to be completed, as land acquisitions are usually a very slow process with government agencies.

“Friends Groups” at other National Wildlife Refuges help the USFWS by generating funds for acquisition of various supplies and equipment to assist with the development of those wildlife habitat management activities. 

The “Friends of Green River National Wildlife Refuge”, is a group of conservation minded individuals that wish to support acquisitions and resource management activities and quality wildlife dependent recreation for public users.  This will be accomplished by offering supporting memberships of various levels to the “Friends” group.  The “Friends” group plans to host fund raiser events(s) in the future; and, to work with the staff of Green River National Wildlife Refuge to help implement resource management activities.

This group hopes to help build something that will provide wildlife dependent recreational land in Henderson County, Kentucky for the present and future generations.  To find additional information about the group, its meeting summaries and membership information check back at this site or visit us on facebook @friendsgreenriverNWR .