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Mission Statement

Friend’s members and groups are dedicated community members who magnify the power of the USFWS conservation efforts and help refuges meet conservation goals that would otherwise be out of reach. They do this by donating volunteer hours, raising millions of dollars, engage the American public, and strengthen relationships between refuges and communities.

The Friends of Green River National Wildlife Refuge, will work to support the acquisition, development, educational and recreational uses of Green River National Wildlife Refuge, located in Henderson County Kentucky.  This will be done to provide for the long term conservation of natural resources, provide for community outreach, and assist the USFWS staff through physical and/or financial means.

This would be accomplished through assistance and coordination of resource management; assistance with acquisition of real property and/or equipment; volunteer support; and, through assistance with environmental educational programs.

Acquisition of real property and equipment may take the form of acting as an intermediator, or providing other necessary third party assistance.  Environmental Educational support would be provided by assisting with outreach programs in the community.